Indoor Entrance Mats: Commercial Premises Can't Do Without Them

 Every business premise wants to create a good first impression. For some industries such as hospitality and restaurants, their reputation and their business depend on it.

The easiest and most visible way to bring on the wows is to invest in good décor—all over the office but particularly in your lobby and reception area. Plush furnishings and carpeting, good art, a beautifully designed reception console, and good furniture are a fool proof way to garner admiration and compliments. Add to that courteous staff, helpful service, and a good product, and you are on your way to success through word-of-mouth recommendations.

When it comes to good décor, the talk is incomplete without flooring and matting. And when we talk about flooring and matting in the service of good impressions, we cannot help but talk about Indoor Entrance Mats for commercial spaces.

The right indoor commercial entrance matting products can work in more ways than just one to give off the right professional vibe. First, entrance mats ensure that dirt and debris, which are capable of making quite a mess of your reputation, do not get a chance to easily enter your premises. A good entrance mat will help scrape, collect, hold, and hide dirt and grime. This helps keep the inside flooring and matting clean. Second, entrance mats will absorb moisture from shoe soles, so it does not follow them inside and create, not just a wet mess on the floors inside, but also slip and fall dangers. Third, entrance mats come in a range of materials and designs that look elegant even as they do their job, imparting a professional and upscale appearance to your premise entrance.  And fourth, entrance mats can come in custom sizes to fit your design requirements, so you get a neat flush fit that just adds to the sophistication.

Let’s quickly run over the types of entrance mats we stock.

Custom Cut Coco Mats

Made from 100% natural coconut husk fiber, coco entrance mats act like brush mats having exceptional scraping action. Coir fibers are course and work hard to scrape and trap dirt and moisture off shoe soles, so the insides of your premises stay clean and do not get wet and slippery.

Coco mats are sustainably made using coconut fiber and are hence easy on the environment, a big plus point given the current emphasis on eco-conscious manufacturing practices. They have an earthy natural fiber elegance that’s warm and chic. These coco mats can be cut to a size of your preference and can also be printed with a logo, message, branding or line. Use them as standard entrance mats, inside recessed wells at your entrance, or wall-to-wall inside your main door. The mats can also be edged when used in standalone applications.

Recessed Well Matting

Recessed well mats allow matting to sit at floor level and help eliminate tripping hazards in high traffic entrances. They are especially helpful when entrances see a lot of wheelchair traffic. Recessed well mats come in both grid systems and roll good format. These mats are perfect for businesses that would like a professional high-end aesthetic at the entrance. Banks, casinos, hospitals, and schools are perfect applications for these mats. You can get these mats in synthetic as well as coir material.

Indoor Logo Mats

Indoor Logo Mats help businesses put their branding at the entrance of their premises where it is visible to all visitors. Apart from fulfilling the cleaning, floor protection, and hygiene duties of an entrance mat, they also help increase brand recall. Custom logo matting can also be used to print instructions, directions, and mark out areas to help visitors when they are on the premises. You can get logo mats in synthetic as well as coir material, and they can be custom cut to a size of your preference.

Indoor Entrance Mats

Indoor mats are great at stopping dirt from entering your premises. They are designed to scrape off, hide, and hold dirt and moisture from shoe soles. Indoor entrance mats made from absorbent nylon, polyamide, and polypropylene fibers are great at wicking away and absorbing moisture to keep it off the floors and preventing slip and fall injuries. The highly absorbent fibers quickly soak up moisture from soles as people walk into the lobby. Their backing ensures that absorbed water stays inside the body of the mat and does not create an unsightly and dangerous puddles.  

When used in areas that see excessive mud, dust, or moisture on shoe soles, indoor entrance mats are most effective used in combination with outdoor entrance mats. The indoor outdoor entrance mat system is more effective when  intensive cleaning is required.

We have indoor mats for all kinds of budgets, weather you are looking for high end or economical. The mats can also be ordered in custom sizes here.

Fiber Indoor Runner Matting  

Fiber Indoor Runner matting is made from nylon, coir, polypropylene and polyamide and comes in rolls. They can be used as entrance mats for non-standard door and entrance designs. Their larger size allows owners to get a shape and size of mat suited to their design requirements. These mats are also useful when you want to cover larger spaces such as lobbies, reception areas, halls, corridors, and walkways. In high traffic areas such as hospitals and hotels, just an entrance mat won’t be able to pick up all the dust, debris, and moisture at the door. With their customizable size option and their heavy-duty profile, these fiber commercial floor mats do the job.

Well placed fiber indoor runner mats can help guide people through the building and significantly decrease wear and tear on floors. They also help reduce cleaning costs and help prevent slip and fall hazards.

There you have it--the entire gamut of entrance mat options that we offer on our site. Somewhere in this collection is an entrance mat that's just right for your needs.

Need help with choosing the perfect mat for your business? Get in touch with us for queries and details on or call on 866-362-2053. We’ll help you find the most optimal solution.

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