Playfall Kits


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  • IPEMA-certified for the highest safety standards
  • Designed to withstand heavy use while providing fall protection for kids
  • With simple installation for practical and long term use
Playfall Kits
Playfall Kits
Playfall Kits

Introducing Playfall Kits, the ultimate solution for crafting secure and interactive play zones. Crafted from premium SBR Rubber, each component is rigorously tested and IPEMA-certified to meet stringent ASTM safety regulations for fall protection.

Experience effortless installation and steadfast stability with our innovative dowel pin system, ensuring precise alignment and minimal gaps between tiles. Whether for schools, parks, or backyard playgrounds, this seamless surface guarantees a safe and stable environment for children to enjoy.

Choose Playfall Kits for a dependable, long-lasting, and secure play surface. It's not just an enhancement for your play area; it's a commitment to safety, enjoyment, and peace of mind for parents, guardians, and children alike.

 Size (Kit - No Edging) No. of Tiles Adhesive Pail Adhesive Tube
8' x 10' 20 1 2
10' x 16' 40 1 3
20' x 20' 100 1 6

 Size (Kit - With Edges) No. of Tiles Adhesive Pail Adhesive Tube No. of Edges
8' x 10' 20 1 2 12
10' x 16' 40 1 3 17
20' x 20' 100 1 6 26

Playfall Tiles and Foam - Kid-Friendly, Fall-Friendly

Designed to cushion falls and reduce injuries, our ASTM-compliant tiles provide peace of mind in every hop, skip, and jump. Transform your playgrounds into safe havens for adventure with our durable, protective surfacing.

Highly Durable Material
Made with SBR Rubber

Made with premium SBR Rubber, these tiles are engineered to withstand the rigors of daily play while providing unmatched fall protection.

Our Playfall Tiles are rigorously tested to meet stringent ASTM safety standards, ensuring they are a reliable choice for any environment where children's safety is a priority.

Trusted Choice for Active Spaces
Safer Playgrounds Everywhere

Prioritize child safety with Playfall Tiles, the trusted solution for safer playgrounds and active spaces. Our tiles offer superior fall protection, reducing the risk of injuries and giving peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

Perfect for schools, parks, and backyard playsets, these tiles ensure a secure environment where children can freely explore and be active.

✅ Playground Surfaces
✅ School Play Areas
✅ Park Playgrounds
✅ Backyard Play Spaces
✅ Daycare Centers

Commitment to Safety
IPEMA's Seal of Safety

Proudly bearing IPEMA's Seal of Safety, this certification confirms our commitment to providing the safest play surfaces, meeting and exceeding rigorous industry standards.

Add to play spaces that are not just fun but also enhance fundamental safety.

Enhanced Cushioning
Upgrade with Playfoam Pads

Boost the safety of your play spaces with our Playfoam Pads, specifically designed to complement Playfall Tiles.

These foam pads fit perfectly under our Playfall Tiles, enhancing absorption and reducing the risk of injuries from high-impact falls.

Smooth Transitions
Add Playfoam Edging

Designed for smooth transitions, these edging ramps allow for easy access to elevated play surfaces, ensuring children of all abilities can join in the fun.

Perfectly compatible with our Playfall Tiles, they provide a slanted, gradual approach that minimizes the risk of trips and falls. These edge ramps are available for all fall heights.

Secure Fun with Playfall Safety Tiles and Foam

Crafted with children's safety as a top priority, our Playfall system meets stringent ASTM requirements, ensuring your little ones are protected even during the most adventurous play.


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