Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats | 10% OFF

Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats


If you are in need of a heavy duty and versatile anti fatigue mats that will stand up to harsh environments such as industrial workspaces or weight rooms, the Dura Flex 150 is your Ideal Solution.

These Comfort Stand Anti Fatigue Mats are made out of 100% rubber to create a fatigue free environment for their users. The flexibility in the rubber combined with air pockets created by the unique construction on the underside allows the users to subtly move and adjust their feet throughout the day. This promotes a greater amount of bold flow through the vessels, which keeps you more energetic.

These air pockets on the underside also ensure quicker evaporation of any moisture that get under the mats.

The rubber construction is resilient, long lasting, and makes these mats very easy to clean, simply hose down or brush of the dirt and debris to keep the mats clean.

The interlocking edges on these mats makes them suitable to cover any large or small sized area. The modular design is convenient and allows replacement of any single tile instead of having to replace entire flooring.

Ramp edge pieces can also be ordered to create a finished look and decrease slip and fall hazards.

Material Rubber
Backing None
Pattern Smooth / Diamond Top
Construction Molded construction
Thickness 14mm (9/16")
Weight 1.00 lbs/sq ft
Color Black
Edging Ramp edging available
  • Ideal for use in heavy duty environments.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Gyms
  • Kitchens