Drako Martial Arts Crash Mat
Drako Martial Arts Crash Mat
Drako Martial Arts Crash Mat

Drako Martial Arts Crash Mat


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  • Enhanced grip for slip-free sessions
  • Built for better maneuver control
  • Elevate your combat experience

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Drako Martial Arts Crash Mats are made with high-density foam to protect users from injury. Their vinyl shell makes them durable while their handles make them fully portable. Also, multiple mats can be attached together using their attached Velcro closures.

Drako Martial Arts Crash Mats are great for falling, tumbling, or just general groundwork. Measures 8' x 4' x 3" unfolded.

Easy to carry with handles and the edges have Velcro closures to allow for attaching multiple crash mats together. One of the most versatile mats we sell, this mat is fully portable and is made with a high-grade vinyl covering over a foam core.

Master the Game

Premium Drako MMA Tatami Mats – ideal for training, competing, and leisure activities
Secure Every Victory
Mat Choice for Champions

Step onto the arena with Drako MMA Tatami Mats.

The iconic Tatami surface on our Drako MMA mats ensures an enhanced grip, essential for intricate maneuvers.

For added traction
Tatami Surface

Designed with martial artists in mind, it minimizes the chances of slips and missteps.

Every stance, pivot, and ground move becomes more precise with this unique textured finish.

The added traction boosts confidence during high-intensity bouts. Train or compete, knowing that every step is backed by a grip-focused design.

Maximize your martial arts experience with Drako's commitment to excellence.

For Intense Training Sessions

Designed for both rigorous training sessions and high-octane competitions, the fine-grade vinyl ensures a non-slip surface, enhancing safety during intense bouts.

For Maximum Impact
High Quality Foam

Beneath the vinyl lies resilient foam, offering optimal cushioning and impact absorption. They ensure superior impact absorption, guarding against injuries and strains.

✅ MMA Gyms and Dojos
✅ Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Training Centers
✅ Wrestling and Grappling Facilities
✅ Self-Defense and Combat Training
✅ Functional Fitness and CrossFit Studios

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