Dance Floors XL


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These XL Dance Floors have a waterproof simulated maple wood grain surface, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. These lightweight tiles are easy to install with their interlocking edges, which also prevent the tiles from shifting underfoot.

Maple dance floors are premium quality interlocking dance floor that is 100% waterproof and thus ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Ideal for dance/fitness studios, the maple dance floors are lightweight and portable which makes them a perfect temporary or long term solution.

Simulated wood face pattern provides a great feel and traction to create a safe flooring option that can withstand the wear and tear from heavily attended events.

Face Style Simulated Maple Wood Grain
Edging Optional Ramp
Sizes Available

31cm (12") x 31cm (12")

46cm (18") x 46cm (18")

92cm (36") x 92cm (36")


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Attractive event flooring that is easy to install.


In four simple and fast steps, you can have your surface fully installed in minutes or less.


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