SAFE-FLEX Floor Solutions

Safe-Flex Workstation Kits are expertly designed to tailor safety solutions to every industrial challenge, ensuring a safer, more comfortable work environment.

Ergonomic, Ultimate Safety and Protection

Safe-Flex is designed to offer unparalleled comfort and safety in the workplace that deliver the ideal balance for a healthier, safer work area.

Safe-Flex Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit
  • Made with 100% Recycled PVC
  • Class 1 fire-resistant kit that provide spark protection
  • These mats not only improve blood flow to reduce fatigue but also absorb shocks, reducing stress and enhancing comfort for standing workers.
Anti-Fatigue Workbench Kit
  • Made from 100% Recycled TPU
  • Feature Compression Flex Technology, designed to keep you moving for overall work efficiency.
  • Easily installation for single workstation areas, ensuring minimal downtime
ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit
  • Made with Recycled PVC
  • Offer superior ergonomic benefits while delivering exceptional Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection
  • With an advanced Versatile Interlock System for straightforward installation to meet dynamic work environments

Personalize Your Floors to Perfection

Safe-Flex come with patented lugs for Adapting to a variety of needs in dynamic and evolving work environments.

๐Ÿ“Wet Area Series
Add Exceptional Drainage to Your Workspace

Safe-Flex with its advanced design efficiently channels liquids away, transforming wet areas into safer, more productive spaces.

Anti-Microbial Drainage Workstation Kit
  • Made from recycled PVC
  • With Ultra-Freshยฎ Antimicrobial Technology to inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, ensuring a healthier workspace
  • Designed for optimal for drainage and airflow making it perfect for wet or damp environments
Safe-Flex Anti-Fatigue Drainage Workstation Kit
  • Offers excellent ergonomic support with its compression dome surface, ensuring dry and comfortable footing in wet areas
  • Allows for 30% drainage/airflow per square foot for a safe and efficient solution for wet industrial environments
  • With its flexible connection system to easily adapts to various work settings

Extra Grit and Grip

Reliable Traction and Durability
Maximizing Workplace Safety

Safe-Flex Kits deliver reliable traction and unparalleled durability, ensuring a stable and enduring foundation for any demanding workspace.

Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Drainage Workstation Kit

  • Made of silicone carbide
  • Features the most aggressive grit on the market
  • Designed for a variety of industrial needs
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Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit

  • With bonded aluminum oxide grit surface
  • Exceptional grip in wet and slippery conditions
  • Offers heat and chemical resistance for the toughest environments
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Industrial Ally
Tough and versatile kit perfect for harsh environments that we work with.

Alex W.
Verified Buyer

Heavy-Duty Solution
Tried and tested at our factory. It's very durable and ideal for our demanding shifts.

Taylor F.
Verified Buyer

Trusted Partner for the Daily Grind
Reliable mat for oil spills and preventing slips or fall.

Jordan A.
Verified Buyer

Efficiency Booster at Work
Definitely makes it easier to move around since it has great traction. No need to work about accidents.

Morgan P.
Verified Buyer

Simple Workspace Partner
Simplifies your industrial space and definitely a smart investment for dynamic work environments.

John C.
Verified Buyer

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