CM Viper outdoor entrance mats

Made in house by the Canada Mats team, these mats offer the best value for your money. They also offer the fastest delivery dates, and the most flexibility for custom sizes.

OUR flagship mat

With a random faced pattern that can withstand continuous dirt and moisture throughout the day, this mat is extremely durable. It easily fits in any high-end hotel or foyer with its upscale aesthetic.

Starting at $9.50/ Sqft

Heavy Duty Drainage Mats

These mats are ideal for outside entrances that often experience wet conditions and heavy traffic. Drainage mats allow water and other substances to drain through, leaving a clean and safe surface above.

CM Viper 9100 Drainage

Made with a Z-web patterned PVC vinyl, CM Viper 9100 Drainage and Runner Matting is extremely functional, stable and durable. Its web-like texture is comfortable underfoot and removes dirt, grime and moisture from shoes. The unbacked design allows water and other substances to drain through the mat efficiently.

Starting at $25.00/Sqft

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Debris Trap Modular Mats

These mats are made with a tough PVC vinyl combined with absorbent polypropylene carpet inserts. These flexible and durable mats are designed to lie flat in recessed wells, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor areas with high foot traffic. The ideal combination of drying and scraping in an easily-installed snap-together format.

Starting at $4.99/Sqft

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Boardwalk Modular Pathway

Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles are proven to be excellent scrapers which effectively remove dirt and debris from shoes, ensuring that inside floors are kept clean and safe. The overall design of these tiles provide the utmost protection as the open grid pattern enables these tiles to allow dirt and moisture to fall below traffic level until it can be removed.

Starting at $20.00/Sqft

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CM Viper Outdoor Fiber Mats

Looped vinyl surfaces remove, hides, and traps dirt and moisture keeping surrounding areas clean and safe. For enhanced weatherproof qualities, choose CM Viper products

CM Viper 8150

Ideal for outdoor application, these mats feature mostly coarse scraper fibers but their close knit loop construction offers exceptional absorption, as moisture is hidden below the fibers until it is evaporated.

Starting at $6.00/Sqft

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This surface structure combined with a non slip backing also allows water to quickly drain out of the side, making this matting ideal for weather conditions such as snow and rain, as well as wet areas such as boats.

Starting at $6.50/Sqft


Outdoor Rubber Mats

Rubber mats offer maximum durability and are designed to last for a long time. These entrance mats do a fantastic job of effectively scraping the dirt and mud off from shoes and help trap debris.

Dura Flex 320

These mats are constructed of dense rubber molded into flexible pin shaped bristles that scrape and trap dirt, keeping surrounding floors clean. This design allows for effective scraping of even the finest dirt and debris, making it an ideal outdoor entrance mat.

Starting at $9.00/Sqft


Dura flex 300

These low profile mats are both slip resistant and durable scrapers. The raised pattern traps dirt and debris below the surface level to keep surrounding floors clean all day. These mats are tough and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Starting at $3.33/Sqft

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Turf Scraper Mat

These heavy duty Turf Scraper Mats are designed to remove large chunks of mud and debris from shoes. Their tough scraping fibres help prevent accidents by keeping surrounding floors clean. The mats are best used outdoors.

Starting at $8.57/Sqft

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Outdoor Coco mats

An attractive and upscale option that sits well for both contemporary and traditional entrances. These eco-friendly mats are made with a versatile coir yarn that provides great traction and scraping capabilities.


These high density coir mats are stronger with more enhanced performance capabilities. The firmer surface and higher density allows wheeled objects to pass through without digging into the fibers of the coco mats while providing a richer look.

Starting at $16.75/Sqft

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The eco-friendly and natural alternative to your doormat, these mats provide a rich aesthetic to any building or home. Coco entrance mats are made by embedding natural coconut husk fibre into a PVC vinyl backing.

Starting at $10.00/Sqft

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herringbone coco runner

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor application, the herringbone weave coco runner matting is among the most versatile runner matting in the world, providing great traction, along with scraping and wiping capabilities.

Starting at $1.33/Sqft

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Outdoor Entrance Mats

Heavy-duty wiper/scrapper mats aggresively scrape off debris from footwear, keeping your indoor floors clean and safe. These tough mats are highly durable and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.