Why all Business Premises need Entrance Mats.

Most business owners are aware that entrance mats help keep premises clean and make them look professional. Those are the most basic functions that every entrance mat is expected to perform. However, there are a few other functions and advantages that not everyone has given a lot of thought to. Let’s take a look at them, so you realize exactly how hard entrance mats work.

Slip-resistant Safety in Wet Weather

Let’s all just agree right at the start that where there’s a floor, slipping hazard is always present. Tiles and stone flooring, though mostly safe when dry, turn unpredictable in wet conditions. As people step in from outdoors, they bring with them water on shoe soles and dripping from bags, umbrellas, and coats. This leaves a wet trail that increases the chances of people slipping and falling as they step on it.

Absorbent outdoor entrance mats, sometimes in combination with indoor entrance mats, help siphon off most of the water lacing shoe soles and dripping from accessories and gear. This means the flooring inside remains drier and the chances of dangerous slips, falls--and lawsuits--is drastically reduced. Since almost all entrance mats come with a rubber or vinyl base, most of the absorbed moisture stays collected under the surface, so your office or lobby continues to look clean. Collected water can be easily cleaned off later without creating a mess.

Economical and Durable Flooring Option

A lot of businesses invest in expensive carpets and rugs to create a more sophisticated entrance ambiance, which they do…with substantial maintenance costs involved! Because carpets and rugs are mainly for décor purposes, the utilitarian angle is often neglected. When used in areas that see plenty of foot traffic—such as lobbies and entrances—the comparatively delicate carpets and rugs tend to wear out faster, reducing their longevity as well as aesthetics.

As a product, entrance matting for commercial spaces has utility and durability built into it. With carpet-look surfaces, entrance mats can look every bit as chic and elegant as rugs and carpets do. It’s really a win-win situation for businesses, as they get a professional look for their entrances and lobbies, enjoy lower maintenance costs, and have a long-lasting product that offers more value for the money spent.  

Easy to Customize, Install, and Maintain

Entrance matting does not involve any lengthy installation procedures. It can be delivered and deployed in no time, so there is no inconvenience or downtime on account of installation.

Entrance mats can also be customized for size and shape, so you can get one made that perfectly fits your entrance. They can be printed or inlaid with branding such as company name, logo, tagline, and more to serve as perfect marketing tools…for free! They come in a range of colours, so there will be something that will complement your office décor.

There you have it then! Every business owner can see right away that entrance mats are the smartest solution for their business premise entrance. There are a wide range of entrance mats, and if you would like to know which one would work optimally for you, call us on 866-362-2053 for a chat about the possibilities. Alternatively, you can email us on sales@matsupplier.com and we’ll get back to you.

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