What kind of Office Entrance Mat should you buy?

Offices put a face on a company or a brand. Customers, clients, and vendors may know about your product, may see your ads and your branding, may even have interacted with your online or on phone, but when they step inside your office, you become a reality. It’s worth making that reality a tastefully done up one that gives off the right professional and reliability vibes.

Your décor will do lot of that for you, of course. And since your entrance mat will play a part in that, we have put together a post about how you can choose an entrance mat that says and does all the right things for you, doorstep in.

It goes without saying that entrance mats are designed to protect floors and keep the premises clean. A good entrance mat will scrape, hold, and hide dirt. Office entrance mats are available in rolls, moulded and grid formats and can be coir, synthetic, polypropylene, nylon or rubber mats.

Custom Logo Entrance Mats

These mats can carry your branding, logo or company motto. Custom logo mats are available in coir, polyamide, polypropylene, and nylon and in combinations of these materials. You can either get them printed or inlaid with your branding. Printing is great for logos and prints that have more details and elaborate designs. Since good quality dyes and a machine printing process are involved, the print on the mats keeps looking fresh for longer. Inlaid door mats, on the other hand, have a completely different process, where the entire design of the logo is cut out from a base mat and coloured and cut pieces are filled in to create a composite logo design. The inlaid logo work is luxurious and lasts longer, even under high traffic conditions. Whether made from coir or synthetic fibers, these mats will scrape dirt and grime off shoe soles and with keep it out of sight. 


Who should buy: Custom logo entrance mats are great when you want to show a sophisticated entrance aesthetic that displays your seriousness, professionalism and, of course, your brand assets. Their rich luxurious look cues the right amount of sophistication and elegance. They are a great way to display your brand assets at the front door itself and can help build brand recall.  

Recessed Well Entrance Mats

If you have a recessed well at the entrance, then you would need a recessed well mat. Recessed well mats allow matting to sit at floor level rather than above it. This creates a smooth, level entrance, where the mat does not stick out and cause people to trip over it.  

Who should buy: These mats are the best option if you have indoor or outdoor recessed wells at your entrance. When your premises see a lot of have wheeled traffic, it is really important to have a mat that allows smooth wheelchair movement. Recessed well mats serve this purpose very well. These mats are also great when your office sees a lot of foot traffic through the day. Once again, a mat that sits flush at floor level means visitors do not experience any embarrassing and dangerous trips and falls. The mat too will sustain less damage, as less feet hitting against its edges means less curling and fraying. Recessed well mats come in both grid systems and roll good format. 

Drainage Entrance Mats

Drainage mats have holes or slats on them that allow water, ice, and snow to slip through them. This keeps the surface dry and makes it less slippery. These mats also allow chunks of mud, dirt, and grime to slip down through the mat to the bottom, hidden from plain sight. All this means the floor inside your office remains drier and there are no ugly and muddy puddles on it. This greatly reduces accidental slips and falls. These mats are made from tough and durable materials such as solid vinyl or rubber that are unrelenting on dirt.  

Who should buy: Drainage mats are a boon in places that see a lot of wet weather. If your office is in a wet weather region, you will find that these heavy-duty mats are very useful when placed outside the office. They are also great for cities that see seasonal monsoons. It can be brought out for use in rainy and snowy weather and stored away when not needed. Because of their materials, these mats are easy to clean and low maintenance, a big plus when consider the fact that they see a lot of wet shoe soles and need frequent cleaning.

Use them in combination with indoor entrance mats that are made up of absorbent synthetic fibers, and you have a system that works more efficiently to keep the premises dry and clean.

Carpeted and Synthetic Indoor Entrance Mats

While rugged materials like rubber and moulded vinyl are great on the outside for fighting the elements, indoor mats should be elegant, plush, and carpeted to exude that sophistication and warmth that all office entrances, receptions, and lobbies strive for. Indoor entrance mats are made from absorbent materials such as coir, nylon, polypropylene, polyamide and their combinations. Indoor entrance mats are almost entrance rugs, thanks to their softer material and carpet look. They are good boot scrapers and get mud, dust, and dirt off soles and then hold and hide them. The fibers on these mats offer absorption and tend to “wipe” and absorb moisture off soles. This prevents tracking of mud and water inside, reducing slips and falls.


Who should buy: Indoor entrance mats can be used anywhere and by everyone. There isn’t a business that could not do with a clean, sophisticated, and professional interior. This becomes of paramount importance in hospitality and restaurant industries, as clean interiors are one of the important factors that they are evaluated on.  

Use them in combination with outdoor entrance mats that are tough boot scraping/drainage mats and get rid of most of the dirt and moisture, so the indoor mat can tackle remaining moisture without getting too soiled.

Coir Entrance Mats

Coir mats have a certain warm and earthy stylishness to them. Made from natural coconut fibers, these mats are eco-friendly, tough, and safe. The natural fibers are excellent boot scrapers. Coir mats are versatile as they come in rolls that can be cut to any size, are available in a selection of colours to go with your interiors, and can be printed or inlaid with your branding, logo, motto, or tagline.  

Who should buy: Perfect for use in most offices except in very rainy places. The natural fibers can absorb moisture, but they are more ideal for drier and warmer places. They can also be used as doormats, floor mats, or runners as they are available in rolls.

When it comes to choosing the right type of office entrance mat, take into consideration your business needs, geography, and interiors. Somewhere at the intersection of these factors is an entrance mat that’s perfect for your business.

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