Rubber Matting for Commercial Spaces

If you are looking for a matting that is sturdy, lasts really long, is easy to maintain, and is resistant to mold, mildew, ice, snow, and moisture then you are actually looking for rubber matting. Rubber is one of the sturdiest materials available in matting. And while there are other resilient material mats around, durable rubber also enjoys the advantage of being recyclable, which is a big plus point in today’s age of carbon footprints, carbon negative businesses and practices, and climate change. The thing about rubber matting is that it is both tough and environment friendly. 

Most rubber mats are made from nitrile rubber which is suitable for heavy duty applications. Rubber matting is also available in recycled rubber, which is great for less punishing environments and applications. The matting either has a textured surface that provides traction and non-slip safety, or it comes with drainage holes or slats that help liquids drain off the surface and reduce slips and falls. Some rubber mats have anti fatigue applications and hence they have a bubbled surface or extra padded construction. 

Rubber matting has versatile usage and is, therefore, available in different forms to help customers get one that is an optimal fit. The matting is available in the following formats: 

Entrance door mats: These are standard size doormats that can be used by commercial places as well as residences. They are mainly moulded mats that come ready in size and styling from the manufacturer. 

Rubber rolls: These are thinner mats that are available as rolls and can cater to various size needs. They are especially useful to cover longer areas such as passages, corridors, and pathways. Their roll format means you can cut them to any size and in any shape. 

Interlocking tiles: Rubber tiles are configurable to your space needs and are more economical. If there is any damage sustained by the mat, only the damaged tiles need to be removed instead of replacing the whole mat. 

Now let’s take a look at how rubber matting can be used in different ways in commercial buildings. 

Rubber Entrance Mats 

Entrance mats have to clean mud, dirt, moisture, and grime from shoe soles and keep reception and lobby areas clean and dry. It’s of utmost importance that entrance mats are sturdy and have good boot scraping abilities. Also, given that entrance mats see so much of dirt and grime, they need to be cleaned pretty regularly. Rubber mats score well on all these requirements. Made from nitrile or recycled rubber, rubber mats are strong and last long. Rubber mats such as Dura flex 300 and Dura Flex 320 are designed to scrape dirt from the soles of shoes and keep premises clean. Rubber mats are easy to clean by simply hosing down with water or a good scrub with a brush for a deeper cleaning. No need for dry clean, vacuum or special cleaners and detergents. These mats also stand up well to tough outdoor weather conditions and are easy to install. 

Rubber Runners 

Rubber runners enjoy application in a wide range of areas in commercial spaces. These rubber floor mats can be used as entrance mats and as runners inside the building in passages and hallways. They can be used in gyms to reduce skidding while working out. Rubber gym mats protect floors from any potential damage caused by weights and equipment. Around pools and in commercial kitchens and production facilities, rubber matting can help prevent slipping and skidding due to fluids, liquids, and water. In workshops, rubber runners protect floors from grease, chemicals, engine oils that can corrode and ruin flooring. Also, rubber matting offers a layer of protection from damage caused by falling objects and machine parts. In warehouses, a rubber runner will protect stored goods from damage caused by moisture and dirt on floors. Rubber runners come in rolls and can be cut to a size of your choice.   

Anti Fatigue Mats 

Anti fatigue mats are your employees’ best friend if their jobs involve a lot of standing and being on their feet through the day. These comfort mats are deliberately thicker and softer to allow subtle leg movement, which helps keep blood circulating in the leg and feet muscles. This goes a long way in reducing stiffness, fatigue, pain, and poor posture related ailments. Comfortable employees work better and are more productive. Rubber antifatigue mats come as runners or as tiles that can be adjusted to your working are. Some have drainage holes and these rubber mats are extremely well suited for kitchens, workshops, production facilities as these areas see a lot of drips and spills.  

Stall Mats 

Stall mats are used to provide comfort and a hygienic area for horses and other large animals. They need to be shock absorbent, durable, comfortable, and warm. Rubber stall mats are the most common mats used for spaces that house animals. These mats protect animals from cold hard floors, making the area comfortable for them. Rubber is elastic and spongy and therefore shock absorbent. This is particularly useful when transporting animals in vans. Hygiene is really important when it comes to ensuring animals stay healthy and well cared for. These mats are easy to clean up and help keep the stalls clean. 

Drainage Mats 

Drainage rubber matting has holes or slats in them that allow liquids to drain off. Extremely well suited for restaurant kitchens, workshops, production facilities as, apart from anti fatigue comfort, they also allow fluids, liquids and water to drain off the surface for a non-slip and safe working area. Commercial kitchens see fat, oils, sauces, curries, pastes, juices, purees and more as part of their day-to-day cooking, a lot of which drops on the floor when cooking as well as assembling. Rubber kitchen mats really come in handy for containing such messes. Workshops involve the use of oils, engine fluids, chemicals as part of daily work. Likewise, production facilities see everything from ingredients, chemicals, lotions, creams fluids and oils of all kind as part of production process. to cosmetics to medicines and more. All these areas are bound to experience huge amounts of spills, drips, sloshes, and drops that can make flooring slippery. In such environments, drainage mats are an unquestionable requirement. Additionally, these mats made from rubber are easy and quick to clean, making hygiene and cleanliness a breeze. 

Rubber matting is versatile and has many uses in commercial spaces. What are some of the ways you would use rubber matting in your office, facility or commercial premise? Do write in a let us know. 

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