Outdoor Drainage Mats for Commercial Premises

Imagine this. You have an absolutely elegant office entrance. Tasteful décor, great space, and a 10 score when it comes to exuding professionalism. You seem to have hit all the right buttons as far as creating great first impressions go. Now imagine muddy watery footprints and dirty water puddles on the reception area floors. Kind of kills the professional vibe, doesn’t it? Nothing can dirty up your immaculate looking entrance, lobby, and reception area like muddy puddles and footprints on the floor. This will, of course, affect the impression people will form about your company, but it can get a lot more dangerous than that. Water left unattended on floors creates a slippery surface that is an invitation of slips and falls. Not only does this lead to injuries, but it could result in lawsuits! Definitely not a scenario that any professional company would want to find itself in.

Fortunately, the right choice of mats can help avert these unfortunate scenarios.

Most of the times, water follows visitors into the building on their shoe soles, especially in wet, rainy regions. If most of this water can be tapped and drained off before it enters your premises, it would vastly reduce puddling and wet footprints on your premise floors. Dry floors are clean and safe floors.

The best mats for this job are outdoor drainage mats. They are made from heavy duty, industrial grade materials that are just right for the job, as they are thicker, more resilient to temperature fluctuations, can withstand the toughest weather conditions, are right for high traffic conditions, and are easy to clean and maintain. By its definition, a drainage mat features either drainage holes or slots through which water can drain off the surface. They are ideal for wet weather conditions but have benefits even when the weather is dry as they allow dirt, mud, and debris to fall through the drainage holes.

Here are some of the ways in which these outdoor mats can be used in various parts of facilities.


Outdoor drainage mats, when placed outside the entrance, will help reduce the amount of water and dirt that gets into the commercial premise. The edges of the drainage holes on the mats lightly scrape shoe soles. The scraped dirt, moisture, mud, and debris then falls through the drainage holes and gets collected under the mat until cleaning time. Since it does not stay on the surface, ready to be picked by other shoe soles, your interiors remain clean. The drainage holes are the greatest help when your commercial premise is located in places with wet weather conditions. The drainage holes allow water to drain off the surface and get collected at the entrance rather than get carried indoors and accumulate on the floors of lobbies and reception areas inside.

These mats work optimally when combined with an indoor entrance mat that will scrape fine dust and absorb the remaining moisture off shoe soles. The indoor-outdoor system will ensure enhanced hygiene and safety for visitors.  

Pool Areas

Pools, of course, are full of water! With people diving in, splashing about, getting in and out of the pool, a lot of water gets splashed around the areas surrounding pools. As water forms puddles, chances of people slipping, falling, and injuring themselves present a safety hazard. This poses a danger to everyone in general, but it gets more pronounced with the presence of children, elderly people and people who do not know how to swim. Outdoor drainage mats are a great way to make slippery floors safe for everyone. The drainage holes are perfect to allow water to drain off the surface and not accumulate on it and create a dangerous slippery surface.

Outdoor entrance mats can be made from eco-friendly recycled rubber, nitrile rubber, vinyl, and even metal. They can have drainage holes, grids, webs, or slots that allow water to drain down from the surface. Some outdoor drainage mats even offer carpeted inserts as part of their pattern to exude elegance and sophistication, but they also serve the functionality of wiping shoe soles to get as much water off as possible before people step indoors. There are drainage entrance door mats of standard size, which work perfectly well in cities that do not see much rain, and the mats here are used mainly to get dust and dirt off soles. Drainage mats are available in longer configurations when you would like to cover a walkway or boardwalk. Drainage rubber mats are a better option when there is cart traffic involved, as they are more bouncy, flexible, and can stand up to the pressure of wheels. Drainage mats can come with bevelled edges to help avoid tripping dangers.

Other Uses

Drainage mats have a wide variety of indoor applications as well.

  • Kitchens: In an area that sees so much of butter, fat, sauces, juices, and more, drainage kitchen mats that are grease-resistant and water-resistant with anti-fatigue properties are a boon.
  • Showers: A rubber floor mat with drainage holes that allows water to drain out helps create safety in shower areas.
  • Saunas and Steam rooms: Thanks to their moisture-heavy atmosphere and compromised visibility, saunas and steam rooms can do with help from drainage mats that help avert slipping hazards in an
  • Workshops: Engine oils, grease, motor fluids can no longer create dangerous, slippery surfaces with the safety of drainage mats
  • Factory assembly lines: Assembly lines of manufacturing units that involve oils, fluids, and food would benefit from drainage mats. Also, rubber anti fatigue drainage mats ease the fatigue of long hours of standing for employees

Looking for drainage mats for your office, restaurant, warehouse, workshop, industrial premise, gym or pool area? We have a wide range of rubber runner mats in varying styles and thickness for outdoor and indoor use. Get in touch with us for queries and details on sales@matsupplier.com or call on 866-362-2053. Our customer service team will help you find the perfect solution.

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