Mercedes Benz Dubai Dealer Gargash gets Grafic Entrance Mat for Showroom

Mercedes Benz dealer Gargash in Dubai recently renovated its showroom, Islandview Distribution. They were looking for a mat that was as upscale as their newly redesigned space. Quality and image were key factors for the dealer considering their clientele. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula. The city is a dream shopping and lifestyle destination, surrounded by white sand beaches and deserts. The result is that sand…is everywhere. The challenge then, for a showroom selling upmarket cars, is to keep their entrances and premises of their luxury buildings sand-free and professional looking. After all, when customers come in to buy a high-end car like the Mercedes, they expect the beautiful automobiles it to be housed in an equally posh ambiance.

Our distributor in the region was quick to recommend Grafic from Rino Mats. ‘A top dealer wants top products even when we are talking about the humble entrance mat’, says our distributor. What was needed was a mat that was high on functionality and had the visual appeal to be at home placed outside a luxury cars showroom. Grafic complies with the highest standards of wear resistance (class 33) and sand absorption (class 3). It is also a walk-off entrance mat with a uniform and perfectly chosen background colour and subtle graphic patterning. 'The design gives any entrance an extra luxurious look and feel. Sufficient reasons for Gargash to choose Grafic.'



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