Have you considered Coir Mats for your Business Premise?

When it comes to getting rid of dirt on shoes, coir is one of the first materials that comes to mind and with good reason. Coir is a coarse hardy material that is an excellent boot scraper because of its stiff, prickly fibers. It is well suited for outdoor use as it can withstand outdoor conditions as well as foot traffic very well. In spite of its rough, tough functionality, coir still manages to look elegant and professional as matting for commercial premises.

Coir exudes a certain warm tropical charm reminiscent of the beautiful sunny shores of Sri Lanka and India. Coir has a beautiful golden-brown hue that fits equally well in contemporary as well as traditional décor schemes. Coir is also eco-friendly. A by-product of the coconut harvesting industry, coconut husk is used to make coco mats and coir products in what is a wonderful model of sustainability.

What are some of the coir matting options that are available for commercial premises? Let’s find out.

Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Mats

Coco Entrance Mats are among the best scraper mats in the business. Their coarse fibers get down to business and get dirt, dust, mud, and debris off shoe soles efficiently. They help keep your reception and lobby area clean and hygienic. Their vinyl backing gives the mats grip, so that they stay in place no matter how heavy the traffic. These mats come in rolls and can be cut according your size and shape requirements. And did we mention that they are all-natural coir mats and, hence, eco-friendly?

High Density Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Mats

HD Custom Cut Coir Mats combine a coir surface with a vinyl backing to give you a strong and sturdy boot scraper mat. What sets these mats apart is their better performance and richer look. The mat body is denser, stronger, with more coconut fibers per square inch. This makes the mats look fuller and more luxurious. The special fiber glass scrim embedded backing is less prone to stretching, creating a firmer and more stable base.

Perhaps the most important upgrade in the HD coco mats when compared to the regular grade coco mats is their enhanced wheelchair accessibility, thanks to a firmer surface that allows wheeled traffic to pass over it without sinking into the fibers of the mat.

High Density Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coco Mats are made from coconut fibers and are sustainably made from the husk by-product of the coconut harvesting industry.

Coloured Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Mats

The eco-friendly goodness and the boot scraping capabilities of the Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Mats are available in colours to suit your office and entrance décor. The coconut fibers are completely solution dyed before being embedded into the vinyl backing. This results in the color covering the entire mat, leading to richer colors that do not fade off easily with everyday wear and tear.

As we mentioned, coir is a good boot scraper that gets dirt off shoe soles and hides it in the body of the mat until cleaned. Coco fiber is also one of the most absorbent natural fibers around and helps keep moisture off the floors inside.

Herringbone Weave Coco Runners

Coco Runner Mats can be used to cover entire floors and pathways and can also be used as stair treads! They are perfect when you need temporary flooring for trade shows, exhibitions, events, and even pop-up stores. Typical of all coir products, these runners provide scraping and wiping action and traction. The herringbone weave looks elegant and creates an upscale look in any location. The weave also gives the mat strength and longevity.

Herringbone Coco Runners are great for indoor as well as outdoor use, making them versatile, useful, and cost-effective.

Personalized Coco Mats

Coco mats can be personalized with a name or monogram. Prints can be done in 5 colors—black, brown, blue, red, and green. You can also choose from a range of border designs. These mats are great for residential use but also for less formal businesses such as a family-run business or store, storefronts, bakeries, and more. They have a vintage elegance and charm that sends out a warm vibe.

You also have the option of customizing these mats with a line of your choice. Some people prefer to put their branding on their entrance mat—company name, branding, logo, tagline, and other brand assets are quite easy to print or inlay with these mats.

Designer Coco Mats


Designer Coco Mats are the least formal of all the coco mats we stock. They come in a selection of prints and with lines. If your office, store, boutique, or studio likes to keep things less formal and more relaxed and casual, then you may like the creativity and the fun that these mats can bring to your entrance. As we mentioned earlier, you have the option to get a line of your choice printed on the mat for a truly unique or meaningful entrance doormat!

Would you like to give coco mats a shot for your business premise? Get in touch with us for queries and details on sales@matsupplier.com or call on 866-362-2053. We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your needs.


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