Everscrape 8150 Looped Vinyl Mat--The Perfect Mat for Boats!

People own boats. It’s no longer something only the super-rich do. With interests like sailing, parasailing, surfing, and yachting increasingly becoming fixtures in people’s lifestyle, the desire to go deeper into ocean living is just the next-in-line progression. With the increased availability of disposable income and also the ease of procuring mortgages, purchasing boats is easier than ever.

Boats are a lot of fun! They offer you that perfect weekend escape. The idea of a quick marine excursion to some sleepy secret little cove or quiet isles off the coast of the city is alluring. Sometimes you don’t even need a destination. Just getting away from land and being moored on water far away from the noise and madness sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Besides this, boats and yachts are also used for commercial purposes as water taxis, to ferry tourists to and from the city. Some vessels just offer rides around the bay area. Others are also available for hire for parties and private events.

Boats these days have come a long way from the wooden floating objects that come to mind. Boats are high tech, smarter, more efficient, stronger, and sleeker. What has not changed is the fact that they are water borne vessels that experience splashes from the crazy waves or the puddles from divers and swimmers. Water, no matter how it lands up on the deck or floor of the boat, will make surfaces slippery and increase the chances of slips and falls. The best way to prevent that is by using a good quality, non-slip boat mat.

What are boat mats?

Boat mats cover the floor or deck of a boat or yacht. They protect them from the corroding effect of salty seawater and abrasive sand. People stepping on and off the boat causes the expected wear and tear and abrasion. These mats protect the floor and reduce and slow this wear and tear. They also protect the floor from getting grimy from the dirt that comes in on shoes, keeping the boat looking clean and inviting.

Boat mats also offer grip to shoes and feet as the vessel bobs, speeds, and rocks. Being a water vessel, boats are just going to have water coming onto the floor or deck when people dive and swim in the ocean. Also, when the waters are slightly choppy or there are bigger waves, there will be water splashing on the boat and its floors. This makes the surface watery and slippery, increasing chances of slipping and falling on the floor or even overboard! Boat mats offer a non-slip surface and grip to feet, reducing accidents and keeping things safe on board.

Boat mats also offer a soft surface to stand on compared to the cold, bare boat floor. Whether people hang around near the rails or stand at the wheel to steer the boat, a soft comfortable surface is always pleasant. Their anti-fatigue properties are very useful on commercial vessels for both guests as well as staff.

The best type of boat mats are the ones that can withstand the salty seawater, are easy to clean, have traction on slippery surfaces, and can prevent skidding and slipping due to wetness. Boat mats can come in cotton, nylon, hemp, PVC, rubber and other materials. Each of them woks based on your needs. Some boat owners like to have their boat mats printed with their names, logos, or specific messages and even have it customised to match the boat’s colours.

Everscrape 8150 Looped Vinyl Mat--Perfect for Boats!

The matting is perfect for use as boat mats. The Everscrape 8150 loop mats are made from thick extruded vinyl loops that are bonded together on a PVC backing for sturdy and good-looking mat. The Everscrape 8150 Backed Loop Mat does 4 things:

  1. The mat has vinyl loops that scrape dirt and water from feet and shoe soles and hide it in the fibers of the mat. The mat will then hold the dirt and moisture till it is cleaned.
  2. The vinyl loops provide a non-slip surface that will prevents slipping in wet conditions as well as gives grip to feet during the boat's rocking and bobbing motion. And the PVC backing keeps the mat in place and does not let it slide around on the floor.
  3. The Everscrape 8150 mat provides comfort to feet and legs as the looped vinyl fibers are soft and the mat has a padded feel.
  4. The matting is water resistant, strong, and impervious to rough weather conditions. It will last and translates into a good investment.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to purchase a boat mat. We have plenty of other solutions based on your requirements. Call on 866-362-2053 or write in to us at sales@matsupplier.com. 

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