Drainage Matting for Poolsides and Wet Areas

With summer making a comeback, pools will figure in a big way in everyone's vacation plans. Whether you own a hotel, club, resort, spa, or homestay, if you have a pool, then you will know that summers bring in the maximum number of people and are often the busiest times of the year when it comes to pool use. 

Pools are wet areas and, in general, present the associated danger of slipping and falling on wet slippery floors. But during the hot summer months, when there are a larger-than-normal number of people in and out of the water, that danger becomes more pronounced. 

Using tiles that reduce slipping hazards is the numero uno solution, but it can be expensive and would put your pool area out of action for a while. Instead, retain the poolside tiles that you have and use drainage mats to effectively reduce slippery floors and associated hazards. Drainage mats are one of the easiest and quickest ways to prevent slipping due to wet floors. Their drainage channels and holes get water off the surface and under the matting where it can do no harm. They are quick to install, easy to clean, and economical. 

We have 3 drainage matting options that you can choose from based on your budget, need, and premise. 

Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting  

Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting is a great drainage matting to use alongside pools. Made out of 100% rubber, the matting is resilient yet very comfortable under bare feet. The drainage holes along with the elevated surface allow these mats to quickly drain water and avoid the accumulation of any of it on the surface, which can create dangerous slip and fall conditions.

Heron Rib Matting 

Heron Rib II Matting is an excellent slip-resistant PVC anti-fatigue matting with a 4-way drainage system. The strong, non-porous PVC material with channeled underbars allows even large amounts of water to drain out. This creates a safe slip-free area around pools, locker rooms, and showers.

The matting has built-in antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of mold or mildew in wet environments. This combined with the soft surface layer makes Heron Rib perfect for bare feet use. And since the matting is made from UV resistant material, it's great for outdoor use.

Available in a choice of eye-catching colors that create a visually appealing area around your pools and other wet areas. 

Boardwalk Modular Tiles


Boardwalk Modular Tiles are a heavy-duty entrance matting system that has excellent drainage capabilities. The modular design of the tiles allows you to cover the exact area around your pool and create a custom-built look. The design also allows you to replace any damaged tiles over time without having to replace the entire system. Boardwalk Modular Tiles are also built to be resilient and durable, designed to last a long time in the toughest of conditions.

These 3 easy-to-install, super-efficient drainage mats will get your pools, hot tubs, and other wet areas ready for summer vacation business!

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