Does your facility really need urinal mats?

Have you ever visited an upscale office or a restaurant that’s top class in terms of décor and service, only to visit their restroom and find those perceptions unravelling because of the contrastingly shoddy hygiene standards there? Restrooms are almost the litmus test that proves exactly how much of attention to detail a place invests into not just its high visibility areas but also its restrooms, where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

In some establishments such as malls, parks, family recreation areas, and entertainment venues that see an excessively high level of traffic, maintaining aspirational levels of sanitation becomes difficult, if not impossible. In fact, it’s probably not an expectation we have from such venues for exactly that reason--extremely high traffic. It’s quite the opposite in upscale establishments, though. Whether or not they see a high level of traffic, ensuring the right sanitation in restrooms is vital to their image as a place that subscribes to the highest standards in everything. The more upscale the place, the more bathroom urinal mats have an important place in washrooms. They help preserve that sense of attention-to-detail, sophistication, and rigid cleanliness that their customers and visitors have come to expect. And hence, high-end places such as upscale office buildings, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, casinos, and health clubs will benefit the most from the use of urinal mats.


In fact, almost all businesses would benefit from using urinal mats in their restrooms.

Benefits of Urinal Mats

  1. They are a great way to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in washrooms. Great at absorbing liquid spills and splashes, they help keep the floors clean, prevent slips and falls, and make the washroom safer to use.
  2. They are effective in preventing foul odor resulting from accidental splashes and help keep the washroom odor-free.
  3. They ensure that floors and tiles sustain less damage from foot traffic and from mold, mildew and rot due to unabsorbed moisture. Facility managers can check about trial mats from distributors to gauge if urinal mats are a good option for their company or institution.
  4. They are a cost-effective way to make restrooms stay clean, reduce odors, and prolong the life of tiles and flooring. Facility managers should consider these benefits and incorporate urinal mats as part of their cleaning program for restrooms.
  5. They can be printed with a logo, precaution, reminder, or slogan. Nothing long or complicated though, because the mats are not completely visible from their position and reading something long and complicated could prove troublesome to users and might make them lose interest. On the other hand, something relevant or funny could strike the right note with users.
  6. They help create a good impression about your office, restaurant, eatery, hotel, or institution. 

While the benefits of urinal mats are many, it must be noted that urinal mats will deliver these benefits only if properly maintained. All urinal mats lose their effectiveness when they become saturated. Most mats are designed to last around 30 days, after which they need to be replaced. However, in restrooms that see higher traffic, urinal mats absorb more spills and water and would get saturated faster, reducing their lifespan considerably. These places listed below would need urinal mats to be replaced more regularly in their washrooms.

Restaurants and Hotels: These establishments enjoy greater diner and visitor traffic. Hotels additionally are venues for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, and celebrations apart from having restaurants and shopping stores. This means a very high volume of traffic using washrooms. Thus, urinal mats in restaurants and hotels are bound to experience greater wear and tear and also reach saturation much faster.

Nightclubs, Discos, and Pubs: With the amount of alcohol doing the rounds inside nightclubs, discos, and pubs, washroom usage is very high. Experts say that if an establishment serves alcohol or food, the lifespan of urinal mats reduces considerably…even if floor mats are in place to absorb food and alcohol spills before they reach the washroom. Mats in such venues need to be changed more often to perform well.

K-12 Schools and Day Cares: Wherever there are small kids involved, the need for safety and hygiene is enhanced. K-12 schools and day cares have a lot of children using bathrooms. Even when assisted, they tend to splash and spill more. The use of urinal mats provides the right amount of on-floor sanitation for the tots. It goes without saying then that they also need to be replaced more regularly to maintain the expected levels of hygiene. Educational facilities that are trying to find optimally balanced cleaning solutions could find these mats working to their benefit.

Urinal Mat Life and Maintenance

Restrooms that see a lot of traffic will need urinal mats to be changed every five to seven days, say industry experts. These changes can be scheduled by cleaning staff. Some mats come with a built-in replacement sensor, so you get reminded when it’s time for a change.  

Disposable urinal mats are the most common types of washroom mats. Replaced urinals mats can simply be discarded. Some mats are biodegradable, and all of the mat parts will biodegrade in less than 5 years in the landfill. Some mats can be washed and reused. For this, the right cleaning method should be ascertained and adhered to.

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