How much do architects make?

If you are considering becoming an architect or you just graduated from your course, and are wondering what to look forward to, then this is the article for you! The primary concern of any individual when they decide to pursue something that they want to is to understand what kind of a paycheck they’d be looking at.

If dream to be an architect and wish to work as one, you may have found yourself wondering, “How much do architects make?” from time to time. If you have those questions, then we have all the answers.

Who is an architect?

So before we try to figure out how much do architects make, we need to be clear on some things, and they are:

  • First off, architects do not fall under the same category as Interior Designers. Now, understand this, any architects work could range from building design to sourcing the correct materials for a building.
  • Architects work with the outer aesthetics of any building, they work on the designs and structuring of a building for the interiors and work on figuring out what kind of materials are required to be added to the construction to build a solid structure.
    Additionally, another point to be mentioned here is that they work with dimensions and measurements. Any building requires to be built in a symmetrical manner. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the rooms in the building has to be kept in minds as well.
  • Architects work with various kinds of people, from clients to suppliers for various materials. Furthermore, since the work of any architect is extremely diverse, the architects have to converse with many different types of people, such as:
    • They work with a client: Understanding the needs of a client and knowledge of the purpose a building is an important point.
    • They work with suppliers: Architects also work with manufacturers and suppliers of various domains. Since architects need to source the right materials and interiors, they need to be in touch with people. Architects can find great deals with for raw materials and things to add to their buildings, such as mats and protective materials for the indoors.
    • They work with Interior Designers: Since the look and the feel of any building comes from the outer design as well as from the interiors, architects need to work with interior designers as well at times. An interior designer adds beauty and enhances the build of the building from within. Interior designers suggest what kind of indoor mats to be used for helping the dust away, while making the interior look good. 

To become an architect, a person requires a degree in architecture from a valid university or an institution. However, a point to be noted, the university or the institution you study from adds weight to your profession, but talent is what takes you further. 

Job Openings for architects

When it comes to finding jobs in this field, the one thing that helps would-be architects feel at ease is that as long as the need to build buildings exists, the need for architects will never die. In all honesty, the profession is one that is deeply integrated in our lives.

To ensure that the buildings you live in or work at are safe, we will always need architects. However, for those who have a degree in architecture may feel uneasy when it comes to job hunting. If you are an architect, then here is how you can find employment:

  1. Make use of websites:
    Unless you look for a job, you won’t find it. You can easily look for jobs online. Websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor are good options for those who are looking to switch up or looking for fresh jobs.
  2. Start your own Firm:
    Since architects can work with clients as well as with firms, you could start your own. However, these options bear good results for those who already have some experience under their belt.
  3. Freelance:
    Freelancing is a big thing these days. If you feel that you work better with individual clients and can handle the workload, you can freelance and look for opportunities.

How much does an architect make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage of an architect in the US in 2015 was $76,100. On an hourly basis, the average wage was $36.59 per hour. However, the higher salary for the architects can go up to as high as the average salary of $125,520 per year or $60.34 per hour.

While looking at the average salaries, many would wonder, why do the architects make so much money? Well, here is why:

  • The work that they do is highly technical. They need to take everything into consideration. From the understanding of the dynamics of the building. A lot of calculations have to be made in order to figure out what would be the best way to handle a building.
  • Architects have to source materials. Here is a list of materials they need to bring in:
    • The products to be used. From materials to be used for construction, to the materials to be used for the building so that the building is strong enough.
    • The various security tools and products to be added. For example, the architect needs to find the correct type of glass to add to the windows to ensure safety. Furthermore, mats, which play a role in keeping the place clean and safe for work should be used as well. Mats from MatSupplier can be used for any kind of buildings for safety.
    • The right additions for lights and viewing. Without proper lighting indoors, it would be hard for persons to stay comfortably indoors.

How can Architects make more money?

If you find it hard to work in top paying states for architects, then here are some different ways to make more money:

  • Add additional services: An architect can add more services to your work. When you add more services, make sure that you add them as a service to your clinet and do not bundle them with your architectural service.
  • Make contacts: Knowing people always earns you favors. When you are in the profession, make sure that you can get great deals. You can make get to know suppliers who supply you mats. For example, MatSupplier offers you quality mats for any establishment. These mats are made with top-grade quality, which not only ensures that your establishment is safe for use but also ensures that it clean as well. For an architect, knowing a service provider, such as the MatSupplier, will help them to find mats to be added to their buildings. Furthermore, good relations can even help them to find great deals.
  • Selling products: Apart from this, an architect can even find better earnings by offering products on sale. You can have a selection of top-grade products to sell to your clients, which may add some value to your projects. Furthermore, you could add those products to your list that are absolutely necessary for any client.

Although the national average income of architects is high, there are various reasons why you may not get the job you need. Making use of tips to earn more will help you broaden your work’s scope. What’s more, is that you can make friends in the business so that your work is easier. MatSupplier and other types of organizations that offer you a wide list of additions to your work will be a huge plus to your work and will make sourcing products easy for you.

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