How Long Do Anti Fatigue Mats Last?

Matsuppliers brings you information on anti-fatigue mats. From benefits to how long do anti-fatigue mats last, we have compiled the information you need to know.

What kind of Mats to use for work?

Making use of your regular mats, especially when you work could be the wrong thing to do. With the help of anti-fatigue mats, a new generation of mats that decrease stress on the body and help you work efficiently can help you out. These mats can be used in your home or at your offices. At MatSupplier, here is all that you would need to know about anti-fatigue mats, advantages and how long do anti-fatigue mats last.

What are anti-fatigue mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are actually made for those who are usually standing for long periods of time. Since anti-fatigue mats, as the name suggests, help to make things comfortable for workers. These mats are engineered with a special type of materials, that help people to work for longer durations without getting tired.

These mats can be made from wood, vinyl or rubber. However, anti-fatigue rubber mats are better for users, as they are apt for reducing the stress on the body.

Here are some benefits of using our rubber anti-fatigue mats:

  • These are 100% tear-resistant,
  • The mats do not bubble-up or split up due to the breakage of the bonding material used,
  • These are easy to clean,
  • Our mats are flexible,
  • We have a range of anti-fatigue mats, and they are bit firmer than the others found in the market.
Why should you make use of anti-fatigue mats?

Making use of high-quality anti-fatigue mats is extremely beneficial for your health. Wondering what type of benefits can these offer you? We have compiled a list of some impressive benefits for you:

  • Reduces Fatigue: The most important benefit is of these mats is that you do not get tired as easily as you would with regular mats. Now, for those who stand for long on concrete floors can feel fatigued or tired in just forty minutes. And that is not all, there are other serious health issues as well. To ensure that workers at your establishment or when you work at your home, you do not get tired quickly, anti-fatigue mats should be used.

  • Good for Blood Circulation: Since these mats can be used for workstations, in offices, in homes or at warehouses, the benefits can be enjoyed by just about anyone. These mats are designed to reduce pressure on your body when you are standing. Furthermore, since they are made of soft materials they help you increase the blood flow in the body.

  • Reduce accidents: These mats can be used anywhere. Whether you use them as kitchen mats or you choose to use them in your study, these mats offer yet another benefit. The rubber mats help you or your workers to reduce accidents and trips. Since these mats designed to reduce stress on the users, these come with a textured rubber surface that is easier to grip. Plus, these are also resistant to many types of liquids, which help you and your workers to reduce accidents in workplaces.
How Long Do Anti Fatigue Mats Last?

Since most of the basic information on Anti-Fatigue mats is given, we know you must be wondering, “How long do these actually last?” Well, MatSupplier has all the answers for you! First things first, the life of commercial-grade or normal anti-fatigue mats cannot be answered without knowing how they are used. Many factors affect the life of the anti-fatigue mats, and they are:

  • Frequency of Use: If you are choosing a mat for your office and workstations, you may not need to change the mats for years. However, if you are making use of these mats at a place where the mats are used constantly, then you may need to change them in 6 to 12 months. The reason being, in areas where the mats are used continuously, such as in assembly lines, the cushioning of the mats decreases, and they may become flat, thereby offering next to no help.

  • The Quality of Mats
    The quality of the mat is of primary importance here. If you purchase a mat which is of sub-standard quality or does not function as per your requirements, then you would find yourself at a loss. When you purchase an antifatigue mat, the rubber quality plays the crucial role as good quality rubber offer a better cushion to the feet and legs, are easier to grip and do not fall prey to ruination easily.
    MatSupplier ensures that you are provided with quality anti-fatigue mats. Our mats are slightly thicker than the ones provided by our competitors, and they do not need to be replaced often. [Wrote this for a simple reason, if the mat quality is better than the competition, and is thicker, it is durable, far more than what the others offer, that is all.]

  • Care Given
    Like any other type of mats, these mats need to be given proper care as well. Without caring for them, you may not be able to make use of the mats for as long as you’d like. Being specialists in mats here are our tips to care for your rubber anti-fatigue mats:
    • Do not place them in direct sunlight, it will ruin the rubber.
    • Clean your mats regularly, with water and mild cleaners, to preserve the quality of the rubber and the mats. Strong cleaners may damage the mats and leave holes.
    • Do not make use of abrasive brushes to clean the mats, as they may create ridges and scratches, which will eliminate the anti-fatigue feature from the mats.

If you work, and most of the work is done by standing, for long hours or your workers are work on concrete floors, then you should make use of rubber mats. These mats not only have numerous health benefits but also offer safety to your workspace.

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