Are Sit-Stand Desks Worth It?

No more questions on are sit stand desks worth it? Find out how to make use of these desks. Couple them with anti-fatigue mats to get more benefits to your workplace.

The deal with Sit-Stand Desks

Do you work in an office or from your own studio? What do you think is the easiest way to work, sitting or standing? Although it is true that most of the people’s preferences change as per their profession, the primary thing for everyone is that we all wish to work without being tired in the end. If you haven’t heard already, “sitting is the new smoking!” So, to take this further, the market is filled with sit-stand desks. However, the question that remains is, are sit stand desks worth it? For anyone wondering what the answer is, we have the right answers for you!

Do you need sit-stand desks?

Whether you work from an office or choose to work from your studio, the need of the hour is to find a sweet spot while working. Growing studies, research papers, and evidence suggests that our lives have grown sedentary and the sitting time has increased. Furthermore, stand all day is not great for your body either.

To help you reduce the sedentary periods of time and to stay in good shape, there are sit-stand desks. Now, the benefits of the same are up for discussions, some in favor of these while others not so much.

Standing desks: Yes or No?

You have to be smart to decrease the sedentary time during days. However, using a standing desk alone will not be the answer to everything. On the face of it, standing desks look good and appear to be the perfect answer, but they account for high energy expenditure and tire you out. Doing more harm than good, using a standing desk for an entire day or more often accounts for an increased risk of exhaustion and stress on your body.

Furthermore, standing in one place is only going to make matters worse. According to Ken Tameling,  an ergonomic seating expert at the furniture company Steelcase, our body is not engineered in a way to stay still. Whether you sit or stand, you still need to move to gain good benefits.

Sitting all day: Yes or No?

Who does not love being lazy and to sit for the entire day? However, sitting all day has many negative effects on the body. From no calorie burn to problems with varicose veins that could arise later in your life, you need to get a move on!

For those who are sitting the entire day, here are some negative effects that may affect your body:

  • Diabetes,
  • Chronic Body Pain,
  • Weakened Muscles,
  • Weight gain, and
  • Spinal Cord Distortion.

Get a sit-stand desk: A discussion

With that being said, the question of using sit stand desks arises. However, the primary question of using these desks is not enough to consider. There are other factors that need to be thought upon. Now let's take the health benefits in mind, sit-stand desks help you relieve back pains and help you to keep your body in the perfect condition.

But (yes there’s a but), you need to move around too. To ensure that your body gains the benefits from sit-stand desks, you need to walk a little, some exercise will be good as well. Furthermore, as per a research published in the journal, Science Daily, the findings suggest:

  • A small change in lifestyle will benefit many greatly.
  • To enjoy the benefits of a sitting and standing desk, some movement during the day is required to burn the calories.

Verdict: To make sure that you get the best of the sitting and standing desks, you need to use the desks properly. Exercising and movement during the day is the key here.

Is there an alternative?

Apart from the benefits of using sit-stand desks, there are many people who feel that they can greatly benefit by using alternatives. There are, still, some inhibitions of using these desks. However, if you wish to find an alternative, at Mat Supplier we have some ideas for you. Of course, we stand by the use of sit-stand desks, but if you feel that you need something more or you need a different way to deal with fatigue as well as decrease sitting time at home or in the office, here is what we have to offer:

  • Office Mats: We understand your desire to stay fit, work efficiently and to find a way to sit without worrying about your health. And that is why we have a segregated line of office mats for you. These mats are perfect for offices, where you can sit and work at your workstations or you can walk around. A big plus point is that you can use your sit-stand desk and work on these mats without getting tired!
  • Commercial Kitchen Mats: Our extensive line of anti-fatigue mats also includes mats designed for commercial purposes as well. These mats provide your comfort while you stand and help you find a cushion underneath your feet. Furthermore, our anti-fatigue mats help you avoid experiencing the negative effects on the body from standing or walking for many hours a day.
  • Warehouse Anti-fatigue Mats: Helping you ensure that even those who work in warehouses are safe from the bad effects of working by sitting or standing still, we have a range of products for warehouses. Designed to withstand heavy use, these mats help you reduce stress, help you stay fit and help you move around without tiring yourself. Sit and work, or move and work, these are perfect!

Making use of sit-stand desks can promote healthy living, aid weight loss and much more. However, using anti-fatigue mats, such as the ones we provide, will enhance these benefits.

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