Safari Custom Car Mats


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Safari Custom Car Mat from Canada Mats lets you make a fashion statement with it beautiful wild animal print and plush fabric. Stylish, functional and stain resistant , cruise the Safari jungle at your footstep.

A premium plush floor mat made from 114 oz. 100% colorfast polypropylene, this custom car mat comes in two beautiful prints - Tiger and Leopard.(let's pray the anti-animal cruelty folks do not suffer a sudden onset heart condition!). Get this Safari Car Floor Mat, sit back, listen to the cries of Tarzan and the roars of animals as you cruise the Jungle Safari in the comfort of your vehicle.

  • Custom fit for any car, truck, SUV, or minivan
  • 114 oz. luxurious polypropylene yarn carpet with a Tiger or a Leopard Pattern for a powerful fashion statement
  • Double serged and color coordinated edges prevent mat from unraveling and gives a high quality seamless finish
  • Premium quality rubber nib non-slip backing ensures minimal mat movement
  • Offers durability,style and functionality in one attractive package
  • Stain resistant and long-lasting performance.

Note: These mats are meant to replace existing car mats. Do not place on top of existing mats. Remove the existing mats before installing your new Safari Custom Car Mats.