Runner Series Anti-Fatigue Mats by WellnessMats


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WellnessMats Runner Series is a unique ¾" thick mat that allows you to dictate the length, width, and shape. We have combined comfort, durability, and customization wherever you stand. The interlocking ‘puzzle’ edges provide effortless assembly and can be easily dismantled for moving and cleaning. 


  • Kitchen Mats have been medically proven to improve your health and well-being by increasing your circulation, improving posture and reducing your stress and fatigue by displacing your body weight on the mats.
  • These kitchen mats offer the best in comfort, support and resilience and come with a Comprehensive 7-Year Residential Warranty and are named "Best in Class" for their high quality.
  • Compared with other anti-fatigue mats out there like gel mats and foam mats, these mats will never lose their resiliency ,bounce and shape as they are constructed out of polyurethane which is the gold standard of anti-fatigue mats. Hence, they will never compress, de-laminate or curl up like these mats so you will enjoy the same comfort and support for years to come.
  • No worry about slipping and tripping as these custom anti-fatigue mats have a slip-resistant top surface and non-skid bottom. These mats will stay flat on the floor as their 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge will never roll up and prevent tripping.
  • Constructed out of 3/4" thick, 100% polyurethane, they are environmentally friendly as these mats are 100% recyclable and can be made into any other viable product at the end of its life which will be more than 7 years.
  • These kitchen mats are made out of one piece which ensures that the mats will not bubble up, tear of decompress because of breakdown of glue or any other bonding agent used for joining.
  • Even when laid on hardwood floors or marble, these mats will not stain or damage floors.
  • Coating will not wear off as they are made of naturally anti-microbial polyurethane.
  • Their application is ideal for anywhere you stand - kitchen, vanity, laundry, garage, workshop - even outside at the barbecue.
  • These anti-fatigue mats are exceptionally durable and proven to work in commercial environments
  • Kitchen Puzzle Mats are available in three rich colors and many size combinations to accommodate any setting.
  • Superior Comfort and Support
  • Gradual Edges Will Never Curl
  • Easy-To-Clean and Maintain
  • 99.99% Anti-Microbial
  • Non-Slip Top and Bottom Surfaces
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Latex Free
  • 20° No-Trip Beveled Edge is ADA Compliant
  • ¾" Advanced Polyurethane Technology
  • They are puncture resistant and heat resistant up to 400F.
  • These kitchen mats are very easy to clean with any household cleaner as they are stain and dirt resistant.
  • Constructed out of safe and non-toxic materials they are PVC- and BPA-free, hence emit no noxious fumes and bad smell.

Kitchen Puzzle Mats Runner Series

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Engineered to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and reduce aches and pains associated with prolonged standing.