Dura Flex 200 Anti Fatigue Bubble Mats


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These air cushioned rubber anti fatigue mats are the perfect solution for relief against fatigue from long days of standing on cold, hard floors.

Prolonged periods of standing still at workstations and assembly lines can cause blood vessels in the legs to constrict, reduce blood flow, and cause discomfort. The subtle movement provided by the air pockets in the Dura Flex 200 Anti fatigue Bubble mats allow users to subtly shift their feet and weight throughout the day, increasing blood flow to the legs creating a more productive environment.

The Duraflex 200 mats are made out of resilient molded rubber that lasts a long time in punishing industrial environments.

Material Rubber
Backing None
Pattern Bubble
Construction Molded construction
Thickness 15mm (~5/8")
Weight 1.4 lbs/sq ft
Color Black
Edging Beveled
  • Ideal for use at workstations in tough environments.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
  • Kitchens