Vynagrip Safety Drainage Matting 4' x 33' Black

Vynagrip Safety Drainage Matting 4' x 33' Black


Vynagrip is the ultimate anti-slip wet area matting solution for an almost unlimited variety of applications.  Proudly manufactured in the USA, Vynagrip features unparalleled quality in it's design and structure, resulting in a robust solution that will help keep users safe, even in the most demanding environments.

Made from non-porous PVC with a two-layer grid construction, Vynagrip is impermeable to fluids and can withstand low temperatures without cracking or curling. The open grid also ensures excellent drainage, making it ideal for workplaces where spillages are likely. 
Vynagrip’s non-porous construction also resists bacteria growth and mildew, providing the highest level of hygiene. It's also perfect for workplaces with standing employees: the two-layer construction provides comfortable cushioning and anti-fatigue properties proven to help boost productivity.

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Material Non-porous PVC
Backing None
Pattern Diamond cut pattern
Drainage 4-Way
Construction Two-layer open-grid, extruded
Thickness 5/8"
Weight 1.6 lbs / sq.ft. 
Colors Black
Recycled content Vynagrip is 100% recyclable. When manufactured in black, it’s made using our post industrial recycled material. The recycled content averages at least 30%, but we strive for 100% wherever possible. We don’t use any substances included in the SVHC list under REACH in any of our matting products.
Fire rating EN ISO 13501 - 1 : 2007 - Cfl - S1.
Slip resistance ASTM F 1677- Dry/Wet: 1.0/0.9
DIN 51130: R11, V10
  • Industrial environments
  • Commercial workplaces
  • food service areas like beverage stations
  • cold rooms
  • walk-in freezers and walk-in fridges